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I know that we’re still in the midst of the summer heat, but before we know it, fall will be here, and so will the sniffles and sneezes of the fall allergy season. So, before your eyes begin to water, I wanted to share a few tips on preparing your home for the upcoming allergy season.

Cleaning your home’s air ducts will eliminate any dust or fallen pet dander. When you run your furnace, it will blow the dust and dander into your home.

Change your furnace filter every 90 days to catch allergens and keep your furnace running efficiently.

It’s something already done regularly, but you’ll want to do laundry more often during allergy season. Your clothes, sheets, blankets, and pillows all collect dust and other allergens.

Your shoes catch a lot of allergens. So it’s best to use a heavy-duty doormat to rub your shoes and then take them off before entering your home during the fall allergy season.

We all love fresh air and a nice cool breeze, but it’s best to keep your windows closed during allergy season so that pesky allergens don’t blow in.

​I hope these tips help you manage allergies this season. If you’re in the market for a new home this fall, I’d be happy to help! Reply on our site or give us a call to set up a time to meet.

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